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Benefits of a career in optometry


“I have long been a supporter of careers events. It wasn’t that they helped me decide on my career – I wanted to be an optician for as long as I can remember, but I do think they are beneficial for those students who aren’t sure what they’d like to do or what path they’d like to take. I also think they are vitally important for students who are borderline for getting the grades for their desired university/college course – those students need to know what their ‘fall back’ options are.

I always find it amusing that it’s always the parents asking the questions at careers evenings – even though it’s the child, who is usually hanging back slightly embarrassed by the parent, who actually wants and needs the information.

Optometry is not a career that many think of, and I often hear people saying ‘you could do eyes?’ to their children as they walk past my stand.

But in my view it’s a fulfilling, interesting and very rewarding career that has many different variations and opportunities for career progression throughout life.

Yes, parts of an eye test are repetitive – ‘better with… or better without?’ ‘with one … or with two?’ and I have been known to sell contact lenses whilst sleep talking! But … I get to test a huge variety of patients, from all walks of life. Testing a patient age 3 and a 100 year old patient are completely different and both can have their own challenges! It’s a science based profession, but needs good people and communication skills. It’s a rewarding, at times challenging career that requires good problems solving skills and I would advise any child to consider it as a possible career choice.”

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