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Children’s Day

Well, it’s the school Summer holidays and amongst the fun of holidays and shopping for a new pencil case it’s a good time to get your child’s vision tested. If nothing else it’s something to keep them occupied for half an hour or so.

The number of eye examinations conducted on children under the age of 15 has actually fallen over the past few years. This is concerning as eye examinations are so important for children as their vision can change rapidly. If your child has problems with their vision then they will not be doing as well in school as they could be.

We’re having a children’s day on 19th August where we’ll be getting a huge extended range of children’s frames for the day with offers and discounts on spectacles and sunglasses for children. There will be special events, fun activities, and goody bags on on the day; make an appointment or just call in to find out exactly what’s going on and join in the fun.

Along with the activities we’ll also have some children’s books from The Lion’s Club bookshop to give away.

You never know it may even fill more of the long, long, summer holiday than half an hour. They may even enjoy it.

Eye examinations are covered by the NHS for under 16’s and for under 19’s in full time education.