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Donating unwanted spectacles to charity

One of the local magazines in Thornbury has an article congratulating people that have donated old spectacles to charity by dropping them in to a local optician who have given them to The Lions Club charity SightFirst.

The collection of 420 pairs of glasses which will help people in the poorest parts of the world to see, and immeasurably improve their quality of life, is fantastic.

Norville Opticians has been collecting for another charity, Vision Aid Overseas, for longer than I’ve been with the company (coming up for 16 years) and in that time we must have collected and sorted in excess of 10,000 pairs of spectacles kindly donated by our patients. It seemed appropriate that the people who have been donating to us for years should also be congratulated. Thank you all!

You may be interested in what Vision Aid Overseas does and what happens to your glasses when you drop them in our collection bins. For many years the organisation used to send spectacles overseas for use on their international programmes, but over the last three years they have been changing the way they work to deliver more sustainable operations in the countries they operate.

Due to our long association with Vision Aid Overseas we are able to help them by sorting the glasses before we send them so that we are only sending them what they can use. We will sort through and remove any spectacle cases or other materials that won’t be of use. Vision Aid Overseas recycles all the spectacles that we send to raise money to support their work. In 2012, Vision Aid Overseas raised nearly £200,000 from recycling the precious metals used to make specs!

Vision Aid Overseas sends volunteer optical professionals from the UK to developing countries to develop eye care services, train local opticians and establish facilities where people can access eye examinations and spectacles. Norville’s has sponsored two of its employees to work with Vision Aid Overseas in some of the world’s poorest countries. Your glasses help to raise funds that can dramatically change people’s lives through the power of good sight and enable UK opticians to make an immediate difference when they work overseas.

Wherever you donate your old glasses, do not underestimate the difference that being able to see clearly will make to another person’s life.

Thank you again!