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Heading Off Headaches

Unique Mesh Filter

We will be attending the Heading Off Headaches 2017 workshops on Saturday 7th October (9.45am – 12.00pm). The workshop aims to provide you with ideas and information to help you learn how to deal with common headache triggers. Please come along and have a look at our uniquely formulated Vista-Mesh lens that can help reduce visual stress and headaches.

Vista-Mesh lens

Vista-Mesh has been shown to help the following:

  1. Migraines (resonance & variant)

  2. Use of digital devices, such as computers and smart phones

  3. Bright fluorescent lighting at the office and supermarkets

  4. Night driving

  5. Harsh visual environments

  6. Young persons visual stress

Click here to find out more about Vista-Mesh.

For more details about the event and how to book, please visit the Cheltenham Headache Clinic’s website. We’ll see you there!

Heading Off Headaches Poster