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I have seen sun!

It’s there, intermittent and not too warm, but it is appearing more regularly. In fact intermittent sums up the the appearances of the sun in this country all year round.

Yes with enormous originality I am going to talk about the weather and sunglasses for the second blog entry. Give me a break I’m just getting started.

I’m not a habitual sunglass wearer but I will wear sunglasses for driving to cope with the … shall we say varied … weather conditions we get in this country. It is not brightness as such that bothers me, it is the changes from cloudy to bright as the sun appears and then hides behind clouds again that I find uncomfortable. The worst situation is if it is drizzling as well when you go from overcast gloom to bright sunlight with the reflected glare off the wet road.

A polarised sunglass lens will get rid of the dazzle of the sun on a wet road or any body of water and we have great polarised sunglasses from Polaroid themselves which we can supply with or without prescription. However, there is something that I think is even better than a normal polarised lens for driving.

I’m shortsighted and don’t wear contact lenses so I’ve got to wear prescription glasses to drive. It’s not easy (or safe, or legal) for me to be swapping from my clear lenses to sunglasses and back again when the sun keeps on popping out. If I start driving in bright sunshine but am heading straight towards a black cloud do I put on a dark lens or a clear one?

Drivewear solves this problem for me.

In the hours of daylight, no matter how weak or feeble or obscured the sun may be, I put on my drivewear glasses. These are reactive sunlenses, that are never clear, so not suitable for night driving but they will go darker depending on how bright it is and how much UV there is even behind a windscreen. At their palest they give a very good high contrast tint so I find them comfortable to drive in even under a thunderous sky, but if the clouds clear I know I’m not going to be suddenly blinded and they are polarised so that they will get rid of the reflective glare off a wet road. Drivewear lenses can improve your safety as a driver. Have a look at them.

We can do these lenses (or standard polarised) in varifocals, single vision or bifocals and there is also a Drivewear range of normal non prescription sunglasses. There are some nice styles in the sunglass range but at the moment there are only half a dozen different designs or so in it and there could do with being a few more ladies models I would say.

There’s so much to say about tints and sunglasses whether prescription or not. Different tints will suit different people for different tasks. In short though you get what you pay for, a more expensive sunspec will normally have a better tint that is more comfortable to look through.

I’ll talk more about tints for sport another time but if you want to see the drivewear lens or have somebody show you the benefits of polarised lenses or anything else about sunglasses or tints come into any Norville practice and talk to the Dispensing Optician there.