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Keeping off the blues

I hope that everybody (or at the least the half dozen people who actually read this blog) had a good Christmas and New Year, with as much quaffing and gorging and other varied merrymaking as could be wished.

Maybe some of you have had new phones or tablets; if so it is worth being aware of recent studies that link the blue light emitted by many of our treasured electronic devices with potential sleep disruption and even long term health risks.


Blue light is at the UV end of the light spectrum and it is possible that increased levels of blue light could be damaging to the eye. It is of particular concern for children and teenagers as our eye develops some natural resistant to blue and UV light as we get older. Naturally occurring blue light is normally harmless but more artificial blue light is reaching our eyes than ever. The amounts of blue light that some of the electrical devices that we use today and how close our eyes are from the source of the blue light emitted from things like e-readers, tablets and smart phones, makes trying to reduce the amount of blue light we are exposed to an issue.

What can be done to protect against blue light? Simple things like reducing time spent on these devices, particularly in the evenings because of the link to sleep disruption, and reducing the brightness of the screens will help but may not be practical for everybody.

The good news is that there are now lens coatings from different manufacturers that we can put on a lens that will block the harmful blue light but allow the good blue light through.

One particular manufacturer has produced the following information videos http://www.crizalprevencia.com/

We’re not restricted to Essilor lenses however, all of our standard and HD lenses are available with Blue blocking filters, please call in to your local branch for more details.