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For my first entry on the Norville Opticians blog I’d better start by introducing myself and explain more fully what the blog is for and then we’ve got some happy staff news for our first topic.

I’m Daniel and I’m a dispensing optician and the manager of the Thornbury practice. Since 2007 I have been involved in the website’s content and I deal with any queries that we get from the website. In the past few years I’ve helped people with queries on lenses, tracked down and supplied specific frames for people and even sorted out some prescription swimming goggles for a gentleman in India.

In this blog I hope to keep you informed on what is going on in the company; whether that’s news on the staff or new products or equipment. Also I hope to be able to provide you with information on different aspects of eyecare, spectacles and contact lenses.

It’s a big and complicated subject and it will affect us all. Some understanding of how the eye works and how we try to correct any errors in vision will hopefully be helpful for you to get the best possible solution for you.

This will be in stages, of course.

Although I have been with the company for nearly 16 years I have only been in Thornbury since January last year when I took over from the redoubtable Barry Stygall. Nearing his long anticipated retirement he cut down his hours and stepped back from managing a practice enabling me to invade his old fiefdom. Joyful though Barry’s eventual retirement in October was (for him at least,) that is not the happy news that I promised at the beginning.

A couple of months back another long standing member of staff also retired. Jan Harrison had been with the company for more years than any of us wish to remember and led an itinerant existence testing eyes in various Norville practices but principally in Bishops Cleeve where  I had the pleasure (pleasure, nay it was an honour) of working with her for nine years before coming to Thornbury.

Much as Jan’s retirement was celebrated that is also not the happy news I spoke of.

A wedding. Yes! Opticians in love. Who’d have thunk it? Barry and Jan were married on the 19th April and a number of their former colleagues were invited to join the party the following evening.

With music (some of it sung by Barry’s son who is a member of the beat combo Grifter), food and carousing going into the night, it was a great event enjoyed by everybody. Jan and Barry looked very happy and I am certain that they will enjoy their retirement together.

On behalf of myself, the rest of Norvilles and the patients that have seen Jan and Barry for many years, I’d like to wish them both the best for the future.