• Norville Opticians

Norville at Thornbury provides School with magnifying advances


Pupils at the Sheiling School in Thornbury, South Gloucestershire can now view the world in close up thanks to the donation of a high power desk magnifying glass by Norville Opticians.

The Sheiling School is an independent residential school for children and adolescents aged 6-19 with special educational needs.

When Norville Opticians Thornbury Practice Manager and Dispensing Optician Andy Griffin decided that the high quality desk-mounted magnifying glass was surplus to requirements he asked if the school would like it to help them with their lessons.

Needless to say they were delighted to receive it.

Class Teacher Fergus Elliott said: “This magnifying glass really brings things out for the children. They need to see things in a different way and the world has now come alive for them.”