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Norville Opticians has decided that special children need some extra special eyewear

Norville Opticians, which has practices across South Gloucestershire and Gloucestershire has become the only stockist in the region of spectacles specifically designed for young patients with Down’s Syndrome.

87% of those diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome will need corrective eyewear before the age of three and all of those who do will have poorer visual acuity than other people (the ability to see detail even while wearing correctly fitted spectacles).

So the need for the best possible eyewear is even greater to minimise the deficiency; especially in the classroom, when the children’s sight is pushed to the limit.

“That is why we have introduced Erin’s World frames to our already extensive range”, said Norville Opticians Dispensing Optician and Thornbury Practice Manager Andy Griffin.

He explained: “Those with the condition have facial features which mean that more ‘typical’ spectacles tend to fit very poorly so that they often end up sliding down, falling forward and bowing out at the temples.

“Erin’s World frames are the only ones on the market today that address these special needs and are robust enough for both children and adults.”

The spectacles themselves were designed and developed in America by an optician who had a child (Erin) with Down’s Syndrome and was unable to find anything suitable so she set up Specs4Us and developed the unique Erin’s World range of frames.

Andy Griffin added “This is a very niche product and one which is too specialist for the larger optical businesses. The size of Norville Opticians makes it a viable addition to our range.”

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