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One of our Optometrists writes about the latest equipment Norville Opticians has invested in to look

It was only after I agreed to write a short blog about our new optical coherence tomography (OCT) machines that I realised I had never written a blog before! (cut to a well known painting by Edvard Munch!)

So here goes…Consider these toes fully immersed!

We have had OCT machines at our Stonehouse and Downend practices for several years. I was very excited to learn that Norville Opticians had bought two more OCT machines, one each for our Gloucester and Thornbury practices.

The images and extra information that OCT allows us to see is amazing; We are able to see the different layers of the retina and even underneath the retina. (The retina is the light sensitive layer at the back of your eye).

After three days of using the OCT at our Gloucester branch, I have seen two patients who have been referred to the Eye Department for retinal treatment as a result of their OCT scans. One of these patients thought that her new glasses were wrong because her eyes were blurred, the OCT scan said otherwise! Another patient may have been saved from unnecessary cataract surgery because of changes seen at the back of her eye that were only visible with OCT.

OCT is seen extensively in Eye Department macular degeneration clinics, where among other things it is used to monitor the effect of treatment on wet macular degeneration.

In Optometric practice, OCT allows us to visualise macular degeneration and a whole range of other macular conditions, some of which are normal variations and others requiring further investigation. OCT can be particularly useful for patients complaining of blurred or distorted vision. There is also emerging evidence that regular OCT screening can enhance existing methods of glaucoma detection and monitoring.

So there you have it…my first ever blog! I hope you enjoyed it.

I am now going off to dry these considerably more experienced toes.

John Everett