• Norville Opticians

Should have gone to …?

Discretion prevents me from mentioning which well known chain of opticians was sending it’s staff out in luminous yellow plastic jackets.

They were handing out leaflets in front of our practice. Fair enough it’s a public right of way; a little discourteous I’d have said, but hey … As the employee of this well known multiple chain was outside our shop the non specified gender person took the opportunity to look in our window. After examining our frames through the glass several times the individual popped his (or her) head round the door.

“Do you take NHS vouchers?”

“Yes, we do” like 99% of all opticians in the country.

“You’ve got some really nice frames here I’m going to tell my significant other to come here and get some glasses.”

“Yes that’ll be fine.”

I’m sure the incident says nothing at all about the quality and styling of the frames available in that well known chain of opticians. Nothing at all.