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Sporting Success (Spot the ball)


For those that are not working or have been taking a sneaky look at work then there has been a lot of good sport on this summer and success for British teams in a wide range of sports, from Rugby to cycling to tennis and athletics.

If you are one of the people taking up a new sport or activity as a result of Britain’s uncharacteristic success then it is worth considering the visual demands of playing sports and what is available to help with them.

Of course the visual difficulties will be different according to what sport that you are taking part in but the concerns will focus on vision and safety.

Contact lenses are a good option for most sports as they mean that you have an uninterrupted field of view, nothing to break in front of the eye and a choice of any sunglasses that you want should that be appropriate for your chosen sport (more on sunglasses in a bit). If contact lenses are not an option then there are options in specialist spectacles for different sports that will give you good vision as well as protecting you (and your regular glasses) from injury. For contact sports such as rugby or football or a sport such as squash (there is a high incidence of eye injuries in squash due to a hard object the right size to enter your eye socket travelling very fast) then there are protective eyewear options.

I am surprised how often I talk to parents whose children are good at sport despite running around after a football that they cannot see half the time. Most youth football or rugby teams will not let children wear normal glasses whilst they play due to risk of injury so children who can’t see the whiteboard in lessons without their glasses are certainly going to struggle to see a ball at the other end of the pitch. The child can often be very good at their chosen sport and the problem not picked up on because the child will use be able to get some idea of what’s going on by the movement of their blurry team mates. If your child is good when they can’t see then how much better might they be if they could. We can supply protective sport eyewear which will be accepted by youth teams. (I did a pair for a young boy in the West Bromich Albion youth side a while back.)

Even if you don’t need a prescription normally we can still help with advice on sunglasses designed for sport. Not all sunglasses are the same and not all tints are the same; there is a reason why the members of the England cricket team wear either Oakley’s (I’ve spotted Graeme Swann in Oakleys) or Adidas (Stuart Broad, Alistair Cook and Ian Bell all wear Adidas) that goes beyond corporate sponsorship. They’re great sunspectacles for sport.

Personally I’ve always preferred the tints and the build of Adidas sunspecs over Oakley; I just think they’re better. High contrast sports tints, such as the LST lenses from Adidas help pick up the movement of a fast moving ball by making it stand out more. Tints and sunglasses developed for cycling help protect the wearer from dust or insects in the air and will also be comfortable to wear in variable light conditions such as going from patches of light and shade on a tree lined road.

Whatever your sport, from bowls, to golf, to archery to cricket or football, there is an eyewear option that may improve your game or make it more comfortable to play. Come in and talk to us about what you do and we can make eyewear that will be designed to meet the specific visual needs of your sport.