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We need to Converse about Eyewear

(Again, I’m sorry. I know it’s bad and I shouldn’t do it. What can I say it’s a very bad habit)

Yes, for those that haven’t got there yet, (and I’ll forgive you for not knowing it even existed) Converse Eyewear has arrived in every Norville practice.

Although a brand more famous for trainers * the Converse eyewear range is well established and obviously takes it’s inspiration from the same source. Aimed primarily towards teens and young adults the Converse range is a mix of some safe plain styles with some bolder more colourful plastic models. Fashionable shapes and styles without being the overly large retro shapes that are dominating at the moment. It’s a good choice for somebody who wants to make a statement without following the mainstream.

It’s worth mentioning here that if you are in full time education and entitled to an NHS voucher then we do an offer where the lenses are covered by the voucher and you get a discount on the frames as well.

* Such as the pair of Converse Allstars worn by David Tennant ** as Doctor Who. *** Other celebrity wearers according to girlstalkinsmack.com (I’ve got it bookmarked, have you?) include Jessica Alba, Miley Cyrus, Elijah Wood and most impressively Whoopi Goldberg.

** The new one’s good and all that but I miss Tennant as Doctor Who. Principally because I had small children come in with pictures of me with the TARDIS as they thought I looked like him. Think we may have got something wrong with that poor child’s prescription …

*** No, I didn’t have to look that up. I just knew. Yes I have an addiction to poor puns and I’m a bit of a geek. And, yes, I’m a blast at parties.